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Friday, 24 May 2013

What a crazy week!

This has been a busy week for our little family. We have moved into our first flat which is lovely but it has meant lots of time packing and now a flat that has bags of stuff all over the place that needs sorting. I should be sorting the DVDs and books out, but I decided snuggling up on the sofa was a better option.

Pregnancy wise this week has been same as ever. I'm 10 weeks as of today. Still feeling horribly sick and permanently shattered. We had our booking appointment on Monday though. Endless questions that make you feel like you should have studied beforehand! There was a blood test involved too. I hate needles and my veins feel the same as every time I ever have blood taken they seem to disappear. We now have to wait for the postman to bring us news of our scan date. Hope it isn't too long to wait. I want to meet our little peanut! I hate not knowing if peanut is okay. You only have your symptoms to go on before the scan and even they might be wrong. It's exhausting worrying all the time.

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