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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Morning sickness?

Whoever coined the phrase morning sickness is a cruel person. It gives women a misguided assumption that they will be ill in the morning and fine during the day. I for one have found this to be a big fat lie. I prefer to call it 'permanent hangover'.

So not only do I feel nauseous all day every day, I get the strangest things triggering my vomiting. On a good day it will just be the mere fact I have had the audacity to put food in my belly that sparks a reaction. Other days are much worse. For example the last two mornings the smell of the shampoo and shower gel I just brought causes me to have a chat with my good friends huey and ralph. The other day I picked up a tea towel and the feel of it sent me running to the bathroom.

I feel like I am permanently hungover. I just want to eat crisps for every meal because it's the only thing that slightly reduces the nausea. Not sure that is the healthiest diet though.

I cannot wait for the second trimester where I can actually eat food again.

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